Every family I know understands it is challenging times.  Further, every family I knows wants to be a GREAT FAMILY.  Unfortunately, it seems so many things come against us being a GREAT FAMILY (communication, financial, time pressure etc.).  Through the desire of young families in our church, we began the Foundation Class that meets at 9:15 am Sundays (before the service).  The class is designed to be for those that have younger kids.  The class is not a stand up and tell you what to believe, but a journey where everyone contributes in a sit-down discussion (share as a person is comfortable).  Though we have not been meeting very long, the results have been encouraging. Couple are sharing their lives, challenges, and laughter they have all grown as a stronger family.  Further, it has allowed families to understand the great plan God has for every family to be that GREAT FAMILY through the Word of God.

Please come this Sunday at 9:15 am

Questions:  What if I have older kids or grand-kids?  During the class there are classes for all ages (from nursery to teen  to college/career to senior citizen).  What if I am not from a church background?  Come!  What if I don't have "church" clothes?  You don't have to dress up!  What if I am not all together?  We are all on a journey!  Do you have anything to drink and eat?  Great question- coffee, soda, water, tea, sometimes donuts.