Parents' Night Out

First Baptist Church would love to serve our local community with a "Parents' Night Out"!  Children up to 6th grade will enjoy an evening of fun activities, games, crafts and a Bible lesson while their parents get a night to enjoy on their own.  Thank you for this opportunity to get to know your child and provide you with a relaxing evening.  We are honored to serve you and your family.


Parents' Night Out is for children up to 6th grade.  We will provide adult-supervised activities from 6pm to 8pm. 
The best part:  Our services are FREE!


All children must be registered online.

Sign In and Out Procedures:  

To ensure the safety of all children, parents must sign their child in and out through our Planning Center app.  The child and guardian will both receive a ticket which will need to be presented at pick up.  Without prior notification, children will not be released to any individual other than the parent or guardian listed on the Registration form.

For the child's safety, First Baptist Church Parents' Night Out reserves the right to refuse the release of any child to a person who appears incapacitated to the extent he/she may endanger the child.

Liability Waiver and schedule